Friday, August 10, 2012

Vintage Shabby Chic Wine Decanter & Bottle

Hey Everyone,

   I want to share with you two more bottles that I altered using vintage trims and fabrics ;) I am having so much fun altering these and I just love the tattered look ;)

The wine decanter and the glass bottle are up for sale.  I am having a silent auction until Saturday August 18th.  If you are interested in any of them you can contact me on my Facebook, Youtube or leave me a comment here and I can contact you.

You can watch a video of these bottles and find information HERE.

Below are a few pictures of the wine decanter and the bottle.  The decanter is aprox. 13 inches height and 4 inches width.  The glass bottle is Aprox. 6 inches height and 4 inches width.  I will ship national and international.  Shipping rates will apply. 

Thank you for stopping by :) 


Handmade Vintage Tattered Flower


  1. wow incredibly sensational love it

    xx carla

  2. This looks so great! I love your style, and just found your blog. Now I have to take some time to see more of your stuff in here;)

  3. Aww stunning as always Juliana and you called it a decanter after my little hint, so pleased with how these came out, if you ever want to send you friend here some gorgeous trims you find and a bottle i would be ecstatic, hahahahaha.......huggles darling and i loved watching the videos xxxVick
    YTChannels vixcrafts and saturatedcanary

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  5. even if there is only a limited number of pieces made and sold, if the quality of the material is cheap, such as those made by Jim Beam a while ago, they are truly not 'antique', no matter the scarcity of the product antique carafe.