Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage Shabby Chic Glass Bottles

Hey Everyone,

    Happy Friday to all of you!!!!! I am so happy is finally the weekend :) I've been finding a lot of vintage crochet laces recently and I used them to alter this two vintage glass bottles I found at my thrift store for a dollar each...... I just love the shapes of these bottles.... I think they were used for liquor :)

I had so much fun altering these bottles and I can't wait to create more... hope to find some unique bottles.  I hope you enjoy them!!!

 Below are a few pictures of my Vintage Shabby Chic bottles.

Here is a photo of some vintage trims I recently found at my thrift store.... I used a few of these to alter my bottles.

I also decided to create a few handmade flowers using these how vintage they turned out 

Vintage Shabby Chic Altered Bottles 


  1. Oh wow...... these bottles are so super gorgeous. I love all the laces and trims. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work!!!!

  2. I hate you Juliana...hehehehe not really sweetie, why oh why is there no thrift stores over here!!! boo hoo hoo hoo, lol, love everything you do hun, you know im one of your biggest fans and these bottles/decanters(we call them) (they are for liquor) are not resistant to the Juliana treatment they are absolutely gorgeous and stunning darling, you clever girl, love them!!! want them lol.... huggles, Vick xxx
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  3. Love how you decorated these bottles. The vintage items are beautiful. I wish I could find a place around here that had them.