Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shabby Chic Princess Carriage Mini Album

Happy Valentine's Everyone! 

I am here to share with you another mini album.  This is a Shabby Chic Princess Carriage Mini Album that my friend Margaret gave to me! I used gorgeous Iamroses flowers in this album and I just fall more in love with these flowers each time.  I used my favorite flowers sprays here in the front and of course the gorgeous R77 roses.  I have a new favorite now which are the white roses leaves! They are so beautiful and easy to work with! I hope you can visit Iamroses and check out their amazing products! 

I hope you enjoy the pictures and it inspires you! 
Let me know what you think :) 
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day <3 


Iamroses Products: 


  1. оооооооооо
    очень красиво!
    Карета для Золушки!

  2. your art work is simply amazing, beautiful and fabulous girl....you are such an inspirational artist.

  3. Just Gorgeous, love every detail!!!:)


  4. Oh my this is beautiful. I too did one that sweet Margaret sent me....They are so much fun to do.....I love yours....

  5. Wasn't nice of you to delete post - could have at least replied first.. my niece really wanted me to attempt making something like this for her... how am I suppose to explain this 'niceness' as the reason I can't... cheers

  6. WOW, amazing piece of work...Love it, love it , love it.....Well done for all hard work and creativity!

  7. hope its ok we use this project as a inspiration for a challenge on a norwegian scrapbookingforum. If not give me a heads up