Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vintage Music Sheet Christmas Ornament

Hey Everyone!!!!

   Today I want to share with you this Vintage Christmas Ornament that I made for the Oh La La Vintage Treasures 12 Days of Christmas Blog Event.  We were asked to make a crafty item or ornament Vintage Inspired.  So I took all of my vintage music sheets and put them together to make this little Ornament.  I made the Vintage Pink Poinsettia using this gorgeous ribbon, vintage button, lace and gold leaves.  Below you will find some of the products that I used from my stash and pictures of the ornament!  I hope it inspires you and hope you enjoy it!! 

Thank you for stopping by!!!


  1. Juliana this is absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful idea. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  2. Hi Juliana, I've been watching your videos for a few weeks, and I need to ask you..about what to do with those fabrics that have many details, on it, like lace or so, how do we cut that or what can we do with it? Sometimes, I am so confuse on "what can I do with a piece fabric"? Do you have tutorials or ideas you can give me..please? ;-(

    Can you please respond by e-mail..I can't never remember where to go for the answers to my questions?

    Thanks, and have a wonderful New Year Julie and a very Merry Christmas!!!
    God bless you! and please continue with your craft crusade...I enjoy it very much!!